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Fisheye lenses, celebrated for their artistic and wide-angle capabilities, possess distinctive optical qualities that can contribute to visual distortions in photographs. One common type of distortion associated with fisheye lenses is barrel distortion, where straight lines near the edges of the frame appear curved outward, creating a barrel-like effect. Additionally, these lenses often exhibit exaggerated curvature, especially in wide-angle shots, further impacting the perceived geometry of the captured scene.


Inherent Distortions With Fisheeye Lens

Photographers who use fisheye lenses are well aware of these inherent distortions and, in fact, often embrace them for creative purposes. However, the challenge arises when accuracy and precision are paramount, such as in scientific or documentary photography.

For instance, when capturing landscapes, architecture, or scientific data, the pronounced distortion introduced by fisheye lenses can lead to inaccuracies in the representation of straight lines and spatial relationships. This is a consideration that photographers and researchers must weigh when choosing their equipment and framing their shots.


Flat Earth and The Fisheye Lens

In discussions about the flat Earth, Flat Earthers strongly believe that fisheye lenses play a big role in distorting what we see, leading to misunderstandings. They point out that fisheye lenses can make things look curved, especially at the edges of photos or videos. This, according to Flat Earthers, can make us think the Earth is round when they say it's not.


They want us to take a closer look at pictures and videos, considering the impact of fisheye lens distortion. Flat Earthers hope this will make us question the usual explanations and encourage more open conversations about different ideas on the Earth's shape.  Some very popular examples which have been debunked as the fisheye lens include: Mt Everest, satellite photos and windmills on the ocean.  Use a different lens or don't provide an opinion at all. 


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No More Fisheye Lens Hat

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